Third Party Reviews

Hector Quinonez | June 23, 2018 |

"Only good for Guys who want to watch sports on TV and get a crappy hair cut"

dwayne brucke | June 17, 2018 |

"2 ND visit here since working in the area. Good job very friendly."

J B. | June 03, 2018 |

"Don't go here. Elizabeth Hamilton, general manager doesn't know how to cut hair. She is rude and lacks customer service skills. The stylists are poorly trained and shouldn't be cutting hair. I wouldn't bring my dog here and if I could I wouldn't give this one star. I clearly stated the haircut I wanted and got the haircut the stylist gave me instead. She didn't listen and I'm confident she had no idea what she was doing. Very inexperienced stylists here. You'll be sorry if you trust these people with your hair."

Lisa V. | June 07, 2018 |

"Sports Clips in Milford. Liz is the family has been going to her for years! My husband and sons love her. She gives great haircuts and is an all around great person."

Vinson Wu | May 25, 2018 |

"very nice"

Michael C Forshee | May 19, 2018 |

"Great service and the staffs are very patient and friendly !!!"

John V. | April 05, 2014 |

"Sub par cut, nice concept and theme. I enjoy sportscenter and would prefer to watch it instead of have small talk. The person who cut my hair was not the least bit skilled. Did not blend or trim around the ears."

Craig A. | August 07, 2014 |

"Stay away. Horribly run place. Sat there for 55 minutes with out being able to get my hair cut. Mind you there were three stylists working and only person actually cutting hair. The other two were on the phone with their boyfriends for twenty minutes and then went in front to take a cigarette break. Leaving myself and another person sitting there. Left and came back three days figuring it was a fluke. Sat there for another 35 min before I have up. Three different women this time. Was the only one waiting to get my hair cut. One girl tried to fix the computer for twenty min just to have the credit card machine break. She seemed nice enough and apologized however the other two never left the back room. One girl was cutting a kids hair and the other was sitting there talking to her. Place is a complete joke. To be fair I can not speak to how good their hair cuts are just simply based on the fact I do not have two hours to sit there and wait. Which is too bad because the inside looks great and the spot is perfectly placed. Stay away or waste your time in the waiting lobby."

Angel B. | October 26, 2014 |

"This was not my first time here. They vacuum between cuts so the place is always clean. They have 4 tiers of pricing - from just a cut, to a chair massage and steam towel. Wait was not too long for a midday Sunday. I thought I'd gotten into a "groove" with one of the stylists, but now she's gone so it's starting over again with someone new. I don't like smokers and one or two of them are, which is not someone I want to be around so close to my face. Will probably find another place now."

Owen M. | December 14, 2014 |

"I go there every time I get my cut. It's great. I'm shocked at all the bad reviews here. The ladies are always kind and recognize me and my dad every time we go. The MVP is soooo relaxing but every so often you get a girl who cares more about talking on her phone about mani pedis and boyfriends then not clipping my eye out. But mostly every lady is nice and talks to me about school and family vacations and stuff like that. Today the lady was the nicest I ever seen at Sports Clips and complimented me. I forget her name. Another nice lady is Meghan who is always smiling, talking to you, and gets the job done. The haircuts aren't particularly the best, but I don't see anything wrong with them either. The wait isn't too long, about 10-20 minute wait on weekdays and on weekends it sometimes gets from 15-45 minutes. Great place."